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Aishi no Sensei ni Chikubi Seme Sarechau Onnanoko

Aishi no Sensei ni Chikubi Seme Sarechau Onnanoko

Japanese Name: 愛しの先生に乳首責めされちゃう女の子
Summary: 💖💖💖 A girl who loves her homeroom teacher. She is clingy and flirts with the teacher again today, but at school during the day, the unfriendly and curt teacher doesn’t treat her. However, after school, my beloved teacher always teases my nipples a lot! In uniform! In best clothes! In a tiger pattern costume! In a drenched uniform! In a school swimsuit! Stroking, kneading, and flipping! I’m full of nipple torture with motion comics! Again! ! Her favorite teacher plays with her sensitive nipples, making her face and other parts melty. Don’t miss the physical difference between the muscular teacher and the toned girl!

Tags: Big Boobs-Lactation-School Girl-Swimsuit-Cosplay-

Description: 担任の先生が大好きな女の子。 今日もベタベタして先生とイチャイチャしていますが…… 昼間の学校では無愛想でそっけない先生に相手にされません。 しかし、放課後はいつも愛しの先生にたっぷり乳首責めされちゃいます! 制服で!晴れ着で!寅柄コスで!びしょ濡れ制服で!スク水で! 撫でたり捏ねたり弾いたり!モーションコミックで乳首責め三昧!再び! 大好きな先生に敏感な乳首を弄り倒され、顔もあそこもトロっトロに♪ 筋骨隆々な先生と引き締まった女の子の体格差も必見!