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Ore ga Onna ni Somaru Made

Ore ga Onna ni Somaru Made (Until I turn into a woman)

Japanese Name: 俺が女に染まるまで
Summary: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍ The main character, Yu, falls ill and wakes up the next day to find that he has become a woman. Since nothing has changed except for my body, I can no longer use my ID or credit card, and I can’t continue living like this… Desperate to survive, I explain the situation to the owner of my current workplace (coffee shop) and ask for help. However, it turns out that the management of the coffee shop is bad… Since her own life is at stake, she cooperates with the master… (Ugh… I guess she has to stand in front of people as a woman…) In order to become a poster girl, she adopts feminine gestures. Yuu is told to wear it and is sexually harassed… Gradually, Yu can no longer resist the pleasure of a woman…

Tags: Blow Job-Creampie-Masturbation-Game-Swimsuit-

Description: 主人公のユウは、体調を崩し、次の日に目を覚ますと女になっていた。 自分の体以外は変っていないため、身分証やカードは一切使えなくなってしまい、 このままでは生きていけない… 藁にも縋る思いで、現在の勤め先(喫茶店)のマスターに事情を説明し 助けを求めるが、喫茶店の経営も悪いことが発覚… 自身の生活もかかってるため、マスターに協力するが… (うう…女の姿で人前に立たなきゃいけないのか…) 看板娘になるために女らしい仕草を身に着けろと言われ、 セクハラされてしまう… 次第にユウも女性の快楽に抗えなくなり…