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TS Shojo Ore ga Koitsu no Mesuni Ochirumade The Motion Anime

TS Shojo Ore ga Koitsu no Mesuni Ochirumade The Motion Anime

Japanese Name: TS 援交少女~俺がこいつのメスに堕ちるまで~
Summary: 💖💖💖 [Survive] TS Compensated dating girl ~Until I fall for this guy’s female~ The Motion Anime – I’m currently obsessed with the high school girl I’m dating. I had a big problem. The problem is that I can’t have sex because my dick is too big… When I get a girlfriend and we have sex, she gets scared when she sees my dick… When I was feeling hopeless that I couldn’t have sex and never would be able to have sex, I needed help. Akira, the heroine of this work, is targeted by a slightly sullen person who says he met his girlfriend through a relationship. Akira steals the sex change drug stored in his girlfriend’s house and goes on a compensated date with men to earn some pocket money. As I was using LINE as usual and gathering customers, I received a call from a man who was willing to pay but was not good at it… We made an appointment to meet on the weekend, ended our compensated dating early that day, and left… On the weekend, a man. When I meet him, he suddenly asks me something suspicious. Since she won’t be able to have compensated dating for a while, they sign a long-term contract, and she seems to want to do a lot of things right now… Akira, who is blinded by money, weighs her in many ways, and she accepts the contract. She didn’t even know that the man found out that she was a “man” and she…

Tags: School Girl-Blow Job-Big Boobs-Dark Skin-Rape-Mind Break-

Description: 俺は今、援交しているJKに夢中になっている。 俺には大きな悩みがあった。 それはチンコが大きすぎてセックスができないことだ… 彼女ができ、いざセックスまでいくと俺のチンコを見て怖気ついてしまうのだ… 今までセックスができず、これからもできないと絶望していた時に 援助交際を通じて彼女に出会ったんだ… という若干拗らせちゃった人に狙われる今作ヒロインの「アキラ」。 アキラは家に保管されている薬「性転換薬」をくすねては援交をして、男たちから金を貰い 小遣いを稼いでいた。いつも通りLINEをして、客を集めていると金払いはいいが苦手な男から連絡が… 週末に会う約束をして、その日の援交を早々に終わらせて帰っていった… 週末、男に会うと突然怪しい話を持ちかけられてしまう。 しばらく援交ができないから長期の契約を結んで、今のうちにたくさんしたいらしい… お金に目がくらんだアキラは、色々天秤にかけ、その契約を受けてしまう。 男に自分が「男」であることがバレてるとも知らずに…